Gender Based Violence

In a complex world with several interchanges of ideas, rampant poverty, conflict and displacement of peoples, Africa serves as an example of how the above can result in the deterioration of the good moral values of  some African societies.

The deface morality in these societies has led to the increase of vices, bad  behaviour and negative attitudes towards women and children specifically. In this sense, it is noticeable that women and children are suffering through all sorts of violence against their bodies such as rape, inserting objects either in the female sexual part or in the anal part of their bodies, domestic violence, among others.

These problems have become so rampant in some areas that they constitute a great challenge to our society, and a burden for women and children who are on the receiving end of this brutality. This is a common problem facing all women and therefore a meeting point for Christian and Muslim women. The Women’s Programme has taken up the challenge of mobilising women of the two communities to work towards breaking the silence and embarking on advocacy to eradicate gender-based violence.