The Women’s Programme recognises the value and importance of providing education on the basic tenets of Islam to Christian women so that they may understand the belief and practice of Muslims and be able to appropriately relate with them.In the same way education on peace and peaceful co-existence, HIV/AIDS, FGM, violence against women and children, and breaking the culture of silence, all of which cut across the Christian and Muslim divide and are the very embodiment of PROCMURA’s Women’s Programme.

The multiplying effect of educating women is demonstrated in the words of a Ghanaian educator who said: ‘if you educate a man you educate an individual and if you educate a woman you educate an entire family.’ In the African setting we know that children listen more to their mothers. Children appear to feel more comfortable in relating to their mothers; for mothers seem to understand them better than fathers.

For the above reasons women need to be educated in the broadest sense of the word, so that they can educate their children on how to tolerate the others who may be different from themselves. Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They then need to have good values about the society and respect the other. By gathering women together, they learn about each other’s differences through sharing of experiences, getting to know each other better, and learning how to live positively with their differences.

The PROCMURA Women’s Programme believes that when women are appropriately educated in the areas that PROCMURA is involved, they can with their male counterparts work towards the spiritual and physical development of society.