Research & Personnel Development

St. Paul's Graduation Ceremony The life wire of any programme depends by and large on the expertise of those that implement the programme and their dedication to duty. Islam and Christian-Muslim relations are one of the most volatile programme areas that require the needed expertise to carry them out and as much as possible avoid the pitfalls largely generated by ignorance.

To embark on this rather complex programme requires the right knowledge, the  right approach, objectivity and sensitivity, considerate language, and an understanding that this is a vocation and not a job.As a result of this understanding, PROCMURA’s Personnel Develoment Programme focuses on training Christian theologians on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations so that they may serve its existing and upcoming Area Committees and the churches in Africa. For the past few years, PROCMURA, in conjunction with St Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya has come out with a Master of Arts (MA) programme on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. This has helped to reduce the cost of training drastically since hitherto, the training of PROCMURA staff was carried out in Europe and North America.