General Programmes

General Programmes
From its vast experience, and in its many years of service, PROCMURA recognises that in the Christian-Muslim engagement the churches have to assume a comprehensive approach that covers five broad areas. These include:• Christian-Muslim relations in the political sphere
• Christian-Muslim relations in the economic sphere
• Christian-Muslim relations in the cultural sphere
• Christian-Muslim relations in the social sphere
• Christian-Muslim relations in the religious sphere

PROCMURA believes that these five broad areas constitute the core of any Christian–Muslim interaction since in Islam all of the above cannot be isolated from Muslim belief and practice, and therefore to (for example) concentrate on any one of these “spheres” to the exclusion of any of the above would constitute a partial approach to the Christian-Muslim encounter.

This approach embodies the broad principles of faithful Christian witness, and constructive engagement with Muslims for peace and development, as well as joint social action to mitigate ills that affect society, for example, the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The General Programme embarks on awareness creation and capacity building for the leaders of the Churches, men and women, the lay and ordained, to keep them informed about major issues in Islam and Christian-Muslim relations in the continent. This enables them to have informed and constructive engagement with the Muslim leadership to promote peace and peaceful coexistence.

It also enables them to understand the art of faithful and responsible Christian witness that respects the spirit of good neighbourliness – a core programmatic thrust of PROCMURA.

Christian and Muslim joint Programmes of action
Christian and Muslim joint consultations and programmes of action at national and grass root level are carried out by PROCMURA Area Committees, most of which operate within the framework of the National Councils of Churches. The expertise, support, and guidance from Area Advisers always come in handy at these consultations. Most of these consultations and programmes of action concentrate on:

  • Peace and peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims as well as within the wider society
  • Carrying out Christian mission and Muslim da’wah in a manner that respects the spirit of good neighbourliness
  • Working towards an understanding that conflicts between Christians and Muslims can and should be resolved in a non-violent manner
  • Religious rights and freedoms in the continent
  • Cooperation and collaboration to attend to issues of common interest to Christians and Muslims, and to the wider society
  • Knowing the other better