Capacity building

PROCMURA/Christian Council of Ghana workshop for the heads of churches and leaders of local councils of churches to revive interfaith relations held at the Ampomaa Hotel in Accra, Ghana on March 17, 2011

The Capacity Building Programme provides education and guidance on the art of Christian faithful witness that respects the spirit of good neighbourliness, and discourages polemical preaching and unhealthy debates that tend to castigate the other and may lead to bearing false witness against the neighbour. It emphasises the value of the Gospel  as “Good News” and discourages any method that may consciously or unconsciously turn the Gospel from being the Good News that it is, to the “Bad News”  that it is not.

The Capacity Building and Awareness Raising programme also provide education and guidelines for Christian leaders (lay and ordained), women and youth on how to constructively relate with members of the Muslim communities to promote peace and peaceful co-existence in their immediate environment, the society at large as well as within any given country or region.The Capacity Building Programme is tied up with the Awareness Raising Programme. It seeks to create critical presence and advocacy in Christian-Muslim relations in the African Continent.

With a firm belief that Christian witness is an integral part of Christian identity and therefore obligatory, and a firm belief that Christian constructive engagement with Muslims for peace and peaceful co-existence is following the example of Christ who is the “Prince of Peace” , PROCMURA’s Capacity Building Programme targets Christian leaders, Women and Youth towards the achievement of that objective.