PROCMURA operates with a general secretariat based at its Central Office in Nairobi, Kenya. The General Adviser heads the General Secretariat. Working with him are two Executive Officers: the Finance and Administration Officer who is also the Team Leader, and the Women’s Programme Coordinator who is also in charge of Education. Other members of staff include an Administrative Assistant, an Assistant Account, a Literature and Communications Officer, a Secretary, a Receptionist/Librarian and a team of auxiliary staff.The General Adviser is the overall overseer for the implementation of PROCMURA’s activities. He is supported by a team of three Regional Coordinators for Francophone West Africa, Anglophone West Africa, and East and Southern Africa. The three Regional Coordinators support the grassroots programmes of PROCMURA which are carried out by Area Advisers in twenty countries (and growing) around sub-Saharan Africa.

Administrative Structure


The policy-making body of PROCMURA is the General Council, which meets once every four years. The General Council takes overall responsibility for the life and work of the Programme. It makes policies, receives reports from the various constituencies of PROCMURA, assesses progress of the work, deliberates on emerging challenges in Christian-Muslim relations and makes recommendations for facing up to such challenges.The Executive Committee performs the functions of the General Council in between the ordinary meetings of the Council. It meets once a year to receive reports from the Central Office staff and Regional Coordinators and assesses whether decisions taken at General Council are implemented on schedule. The Committee provides guidance to the General Adviser and his team in the performance of their duties.

Apart from the General Council and Executive Committee, there are also a number of honorary committees that occasionally meet to perform special functions, or take decisions on specific issues, and recommend such decisions to the Executive Committee or the General Adviser for action.

Organisational Structure