Mission & Vision

A continent where Christian and Muslim communities in spite of their differences, work together for justice, peace and reconciliation, towards the holistic development of the human family and the environment.
 Faithful Christian witness to the Gospel in an interfaith environment of Christians and Muslims that respects the spirit of good neighbourliness and Christian constructive engagement with Muslims for peace and peaceful coexistence.
PROCMURA’s overall goal is to see an African continent where Christians and Muslims uphold the principles of religious freedom and all that it entails and constructively relates to promote peace in the society and peaceful coexistence between Christian and Muslim communities, and jointly responding to environmental challenges.
The core values and Guiding Principles of PROCMURA are better understood in our statement of beliefs which are as follows:

We believe in understanding and respecting religious differences; upholding religious freedom and all that it entails.

We believe in cooperation and collaboration with all others whose goals and ideals are in part or in whole that of PROCMURA’s but ensuring that we are subsumed by none.

We believe in the importance of cultivating hope and joy as integral parts of faith-based development work. Through our work, we strive to act as a leaven in the world, to lift up and promote something new and holy. Hence, our work in Christian-Muslim relations seeks both to affirm the glory of God’s creation around us as well as to share the fruits of God’s abundant love with others in all of its forms, both spiritual and material

We believe in stewardship over resources entrusted to us by God. In this respect, we seek to make the best use of resources at our disposal

We believe that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding can only be found in community based upon right relations. Through our work, be it at the local, regional or global level, we seek to build community by supporting and aligning with all others that struggle for peace, justice and the integrity of creation, seeking to uphold God’s inclusive call to promote the dignity of all human beings.

We believe in commitment to professionalism and hard work. This calls for us to mobilise all resources at our disposal to give of our best and in keeping with our mission and vision

We believe in cooperation and collaboration with Africa continental, regional and national secular organisations to promote peace and development

We believe that it is essential as it is mandatory to have all field workers, some of who will serve as Area Advisers, trained in Islam and Christian-Muslim relations so as to avoid pitfalls that go with the vocation.

We believe in networking with various ecumenical/church related organizations within and outside Africa on matters related to Christian-Muslim relations.

We believe that in Christian-Muslim relations, the development of the youth for tomorrow’s world begins in today’s world.

We believe in gender equity in our staffing and service delivery with positive discrimination by ensuring that women issues in Christian-Muslim relations are part of our core programme

We believe that that the work of PROCMURA is a vocation entrusted to us by God ‘in whom we live and move and have our being and that our commitment to live up to this vocation is from our faith and not in spite of it.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, PROCMURA believes that Christian witness is part of Christian identity and therefore obligatory, as Christian vocation in working for peace and peaceful co-existence is also mandatory. For Jesus the Christ who said “…you are my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8) is the same Jesus who is referred to as “Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).